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This is “Iceage”, I kept my pseudo name as “IceAge” as I feel biker in me is an another side of me where I am hooligan, rough, aggressive, ready to explore, dare, freedom, etc So it’s my entire different identity. I am obese but that doesn’t stops me from riding or lowers my adrenaline towards my riding passion. I am 

 “Riding by passion, Wandering by choice”

I work in an IT industry and do the same boring job which most of you all do. So to refresh my self I ride,
I ride to explore,
I ride to discover myself,
I ride to get lost in nirvana,
I ride to be close to nature,
I ride for inner peace.

I ride Honda CBR250R ABS, with the passion to ride and explore new places, I will keep vlogging and review bikes. My V-Logs and review will help you to plan your trips or buy a new bike.

Are you an Idiot ? Yes cause I am a Rider\Tourer:-

Rider ! Tourer ! Biker ! Wanderer ! what not? These all are sides of the same cube. One starts riding/driving when he gets the kick of heroism. Else he would be in love with someone and wants to flaunt his style in front of her. Mine was a different story. I have grown in Indian middle class family. Dad was a teacher but a rider by heart. He still don’t know that he is a rider or tourer.

Tourer or Rider these are very controversial debating words. Tourer doesn’t mean he has to keep riding/driving around the country. Even close by city can be called as Tourer\Rider.

Late 90’s :-

I started riding in very younge age. As I was growing seeing my dad riding scooter the legendary “Bajaj Chetak” : “Humara Bajaj” type feeling always. I use to stand in front and dad started guiding me to riding a scooter. Those were so beautiful days. By the time I reached college I was a lone rider\biker what ever you say. I use to think myself never the less than Tom Cruse from MI2. Do you remember the MI2 chase Ducati Vs Triump ? That was fucking awesome. I started to live in those filmy life.

When did madness begin ?

In 2005, Initally I started to ride for 200kms , then 500 kms and now 2000kms+. Still I see there are so much to learn.

I have done
Rann of Kutch
Mount Abu, etc

Each time I am on road I get to learn alot. You need to know your roads because handling, Braking etc depends on which surface are you riding. Made few friends in biking fraternity. I seriously don’t belive in the Biking Brotherhood. It’s actually your attitude which makes you help each other. Even you weren’t a biker but with a good heart you will help all your friends or anyone who needs it.

I am a mix rider, I corner, high speeds, off roads etc but the fund of riding your bike is in control limits.
I prefer 90-110Kmph band. These band gives you great control on yourself and your bike in case of any sudden incidents. Roads are no more safer now a days. So riding safe is what you can.

I prefer a group ride of 3-4 people only. It’s easy to communicate and keep everyone one on same pace.Solo rides gives you immense lessons to learn, know yourself, explore the surroundings, freedom etc. I do solo rides as well and enjoy them alot.

What difference will you bring to this world ?

Either people following me will start to ride long distances or will give up riding. I am writing my travelogues, so people can get knowledge through my travelogues and they can ride as well easily to those places.

Wanna be in touch ? 

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IceAge (Somen Singh)

“Riding by passion, Wandering by choice”



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