Murudeshwar : Largest Lord Shiva Statue at sea shore.

Jai Mahadev !! Bolenath ki Jai !!

Mumbai to murudeshwar road trip

How did it got planned ?

Attempt 1 : Fail

Every ride or trip is an outcome of some “Mannat” (wish) or Passion. “Junoon ki to koi kami nai mere me”.

Back in year 2014 when I was in Goa with my wife that too in monsoon…. lol.. Nobody could had planned a goa trip with wife in monsoon, I should be given award for this. Yes ! I too got an award from my wife only “@#@#$@#$” Next time I won’t plan trip which is not right at right time. So, at that time I was looking for places near by GOA. Walking on calangute beach, I remembered that there is a big shiv statue near by GOA. But when I decided to go to this temple darshan, then I came to know that rented bikes won’t be allowed there, as it’s out of state: It’s in KARNATAKA. It had based itself in my mind and heart, but wasn’t done. In hindus most of the time people who really believe in gods, are most corrupt person, or really will believe in god too much.

I don’t know which category do I fall? But it was always ticking behind my mind, I wasn’t able to go to Murudeshwar Temple post planning. Time passed and months turned to years.

Attempt 2: Fail

As time passed, 2016 was about to end, In november few of my friends planned a ride to Raigad and later going to GOA. This time as well I planned that lets go to GOA and from there I will go to Murudeshwar. The biggest Lord Shiva statue was enough to boost my passion to visit the spot. Actually, Murudeshwar was some 700kms+ from my home. After reaching GOA, suddenly one friend takes a U-Turn, he wanted to go home back due to exam scheduled. We all left for mumbai, again a dream is left as thought only.

Attempt 3: Pass

In feb 2017, I re-planned it with my two friends. We actually ride together. We have done big rides together. Now everything was set, waiting to tick the button.
Suddenly a twist in the plot.
Amogh: “Bro I had an accident today, won’t be possible for me to ride to murudeshwar”.

Me: Ok bro, take care.

This time I was pretty sure, though one more Tsunami come, I will go that’s it. I told Varun, I will go, no force on you, he was ready too. We left for Murudeshwar.

Let the TRAVELOGUE begin from here:-

Day 1:  Mumbai to Goa (Panjim) Amogh’s place

Here is the Day 1 vlog:

Riding is not about just covering distances opr kilometers. Riding is feeling the roads and nature around. In just few hrs of riding a state changes, people change, culture change, language changes etc… One thing is very clear riding is fun and to rejuvenate oneself.
AutoStark Waterproof Bike Mobile Phone Holder Case upto 5.5 Inch Screen

I planned the ride as 3 days: Day 1 ride from home(mumbai) to Murudeshwar (Shiva Temple). Day2 visit Temple and near by places, Day 3 ride back home. As usual ride didn’t go as planned. Friendship and brotherhood started to flash in front of my eyes, Varun didn’t left a chance to unturn the any corner left in my mind to double think on plan. Varun and Amogh wanted us to stay at Amogh’s home in Panjim and continue the ride from his home. First I was reluctant to go to Amogh’s place as staying 2-3 days at his home was very difficult. Why ?? because I never had been to his home or ever spoken to his Mom and Sister. Still Varun and Amogh insisted and I left. Actually, being with Amogh whether at his secret house in PUNE or GOA, it’s fun.

Now, plan was changed from 3 days ride to 4 days ride. And what it had lets see:
Day 1 Ride from home(Mumbai) to Panjim (Amogh’s Home).
Day 2 Ride to Murudeshwar in morning early hrs and return back.
Day 3 Ride to beach for swimming, Aogh’s swimming fantasy.
Day 4 Ride back home from Goa.

Plan locked, Riders locked, Bikes checked…..

Route is below:

Route map

On 9th Feb 2016, the plan was, I will meet varun at kalamboli Mac Donald. This spot is beside pune expressway. Very famous among the pune travellers or bikers. I was on time at the spot by 4:00am as I had left from home by 2:30am. It was dark all over with few street lights “ON” giving me support to stand strong in that dark. Ideally, there should be few people as it’s also Mumbai side pick up point for Pune travelling buses or cars. Suddenly in dark there was an inline 2 cylinder firing exhaust which was screaming to point it’s more than 150kmph coming towards me. Now I can see two eyes focusing on me from a distance, getting bigger from what they were looking initially as it comes close to me. Finally, suspense broke and disclosed as Varun on it’s YAMAHA R3. We waited for 15 mins and left for Porvorim(GOA).


We took the pune express highway from kalamboli, don’t know what went inside our heads, suddenly downed the gear and twisted the throttle, instead of taking left went straight along with the gazing wind.

Somewhere I underestimated the coldness at Lonavla, didn’t take any warm cloths and it was hell cold while passing through. Sometimes we think ourself as “He-Man”, but the reality is very different. We were shivering right from Lonavla till Katraj tunnel, pune. When body gave up than stopped near katraj tunnel and decided to have a hot tea to fight against cold. It was around 5:30am. The tea seller was awesome, kind enough to talk and ask us to visit again whenever we pass by.

We waited there for almost 20 mins, those 20mins where very memorable. We kept discussing about our rides, how will be our friend Amogh ? Will he ride with us to Murudeshwar. In 4 days what all will we do ? Even Tea seller joined us in the chat. He said even he rides to his village by bike.


Believe me hot tea in cold weather is like top of the world. We saw many harley riders riding with us towards GOA. I had not slept the previous day, due to which I was getting super sleepy.

Easily can be seen in my eyes how sleep attacks your eyes…
All time we are ready to rock !! When riding buddies are together than we come up with Yo style:


We left from katraj post hot tea and started our ride to Porvorim. Weather was awesome around and CBR was running amazingly. The filling of wind by passing you touching it as a swift pure and opening your all corners of heart to enjoy the ride.

In few hrs we reached Kolhapur McD. On the way it was very important for me to keep note of when and where Mc D would come.

Sadly it’s other side of the road. You have to take a U Turn to go to McD. But unfortunately all Mc Donalds in country don’t start their operation by 6:00 am. And breakfast menu which are served in metro cities are not available at all Mc D in the country. I ordered for the Egg breakfast menu but it wasn’t available. It was hard to explain there what I meant. later ate whatever i got from there.


The worst part of night riding is sooner or later when your adraline calms down you are in grip of sleep. And you struggle to stay awake. And only option to fight it’s COFFEE


We reached Nipani by 11:00am
Reached Amogh’s home in afternoon. He was waiting for us eagerly. It’s a very different and special feeling when you meet your biker friend some time later. I was meeting him post our rajasthan ride in Nov 2016.

I was super tired but as I have a aquarium hobby so I was stunned to see a 6ft long fish tank in Amogh’s home. Suddenly met “Lulu” a bitch… This bitch no ordinary bitch, but a stray adopted by Amogh and now a family member. Very lovely she is.
Later in night we went to one restaurant which was a pathetic experience in name of special dish of the restaurant. It was almost 9:00pm and we went to Vagator beach to chill and enjoy. It was super windy that night amazing wind sound through your ears and you feel as if you sleep there itself.


Whenever one plans a ride then the focus is always what is most important.
The focus was Murudeshwar, Murudeshwar darshan is what matters. We slept by 12:00 am so that we can get up by 5:00 am and leave for our ride to Murudeshwar. But as usual we all are late get-uppers. We woke up at 7:00am and it took almost 2 hrs for us to get to fact that we have to ride\drive to Murudeshwar.

Day 2 Video:

If Varun and Amogh are together than they will surely waste ample time and some other nonsense stuff and be late. This is right from Gujrat ride to Rajasthan ride.
We still managed to leave by 9:00am. Now there are two vehicles going in the drive\ride.
One was the CBR other was Maruti swift. Amogh’s wrist injury was not healed, so it was wise for him to come in car. Varun wanted to come on R3 bike but he thought to come along with Amogh so he hasn’t have to drive alone.

Porvorim to Murudeshwar was almost 230 Kms. It will take almost 5 hrs to reach and 5hrs to return. We won’t have much time to spend there.

Now the route was:
Porvorim – Mashem – Karwar – Hiregutti – Kumta – Honnavar – Murudeshwar

We left from Amogh’s home, first few 20 kms where pathetic, had to go through the dense city traffic. Infact had got lost and away from Amogh’s car. Later we met at Nagoa.

We stopped at one beautiful hotel, which was in between the jungle roads.
The surrounding was awesome and fun. Away from city chaos and lost in greenery where there is less traffic and pure air to breath. What else does one needs?
We were done within few minutes, we took only 30 mins and we were back on roads.


We couldn’t have managed to waste much time, we had to come back as well. No plans to wait there.
By the time we reached Karwar, beach was visible from road itself. Beach was super clean and blue water. There is a beautiful fish market on the road itself. You can buy various type of fishes and go for good dishes.

BUT UNFORTUNATELY YOU DON’T GET NON VEG DISHES THERE, ONLY IN RESTAURANT, REST Beach side thelas are total veg. Open food stalls are veg.

In the Day video you can see the mesmerizing beach of Karwar.

Fools are everywhere, the only differ is their types. When we left from Kawar beach towards Murudeshwar. I don’t remember when did I overtaked a maruti dzire. Almost a 10 kms race battle it was. CBR was very easily beating Dzire but driver was not ready to give up. Even this can be seen in the video. At one point I let it go. No point in racing which can be dangerous.

In India any faired bike is considered as one racer.

By 1:00pm I reached Murudeshwar.Amogh and Varun came almost 20 mins later. The entrance to the Murudeshwar temple village is amazing.

We can see the Lord shiva statue from some 1 kms ahead.
Temple is quite tall. Statue is amazingly big.

Right side :


Nandi god at the base of the Shiv Statue:

When I reached the temple was closed. It was going to open by 3:00pm. So now it was time to have lunch, by the time temple gets opened I will be done with the lunch.
I went to the restaurant which was close by just beside the temple, front of the statue entrance.

Restaurant was amazing. It’s built over the shore into the sea. View from it are amazing.

View from the restaurant.

There is one more temple close by, Didn’t get time to visit it:



Here you will get south indian style chinese. So if you expect something different then it will be disheartening. They have a best thali which contains many types of items.
South indian styles chinese

Special Thali

Food are very affordable. There are good stay options around the temple.

Don’t know why “MakeMyTrip” shows few hotels only. Vehicles can go upto the seashore.

People coming to visit the temple enjoy themselves in the sea, There are so much of noise around of people enjoying the swim and shouting.


Actually, statue is not part of the temple.
Temple is amazing. The entrance to the temple has two elephants at the gate to welcome. They are also very huge.




Statue is built beside the temple and it’s base is museum. Some called it as cave as well.
This cave is man made museum, Museum’s entrance is Rs 10 per head.
In this museum you will see the statues speaking a story.
When you reach at the end of the museum then you will come to know what’s the story actually.

Actually, the story is about Murudeshwar. How did Lord Shiv ling was established in murudeshwar ? Once Ravana was taking Shiv ling along with him to Lanka. And Narad didn’t wanted this to happen. So Narad goes to Lord Ganesha you stops the Ravana from carrying the Lord Shiv Ling. With this act of Ganesh Ravana gets angry and turns into evil king.

We saw the entire temple complex and went upt to 18th floor.
Going to 18th floor has a charge. It’s Rs 5/- per head. Then only you can go to 18th floor and see the statue from above.
Statue pic from 18th Floor:

The carving on the entrance gate are very minute and specially done:

Temple premises have lots of stuff to see:



The 18floor building is :

Views from the 18th floor are amazing. Sea looks more amazing:


There is a bus stand within the temple complex beside parking area.
You can even come by bus.

Some cornering sessions:
We left from Murudeshwar by 5:30pm. We wanted to reach home before 10:00pm so we left.
We took a stop at Karwar and had our snacks cum dinner.

Boats are very colour at Murudeshwar, looks like people here believe in colourful lives:



Fish Market at Karwar:


Various types of fishes:

Photography are not allowed at the actual temple inside:



You can’t see the actual shiv ling kept by Ravana for free. Temple charge Rs 200 donation to see the real shiv ling. Though photography are not allowed even if you see it by giving Rs 200.

God’s statues within the temple premises:


Real gold made:



Naag devta:

Random clicks around the temple:



Arjun’s chariot and lord Krishna sculpture in premise

We struggled hard in search of non veg food. The restaurant where we get non veg has so many insects inside the restaurant. This was due to evening and insects affairs.
It’s better to eat veg there on open stalls.

We reached home by 11:40pm. Lulu was waiting for us. She greeted us with here lovely waggin tail and licking.

We spoke upto 2:00 am and planned Day 3 events.



I was aware of the engine oil leaking. But the leak wasn’t that serious. But it’s better to get it corrected. I woke up by 9:00am and got fresh and ready to rock and roll. Started googling the Honda service center numbers. Surprisingly none of the Honda Service center had Oil filter gasket ring.

At last one service center name Honda Raje had the gasket ring.
Now these lazy asses weren’t ready to come with me along. They had their asses scratched. The positive point in group ride is you have the back covered. But in my group : group ride is same as solo ride. You yourself have to be covered.

I left for Honda Raje and it was some 30 kms away from Amogh’s home. I reached Honda Raje and asked explained them the issue. The service advisor was kind enough to handle my case on priority.

I told him I am from Mumbai and actually here for a ride. Murudeshwar ride. He repaired the gasket and asked me for anything else. The cost of Gasket ring was very cheap, labour charge was a bomb.

I was sitting at the customer lobby and watching movies. But still it took
3hrs to get it repaired :Start to end.

Now the plan was we had to go to Morbor beach to swim. I don’t know swimming so I always keep safe distance from deep areas. I called up Varun and Amogh and asked to come to spot and from there we will leave for the beach.My mobile battery was drained fully. This is when you really think why there is no mobile charger in bike.


By the time they come to the spot : Honda Raje. I decided to eat at KFC. I went to KFC and had my lunch.

Everyone wants to be hero, so do I:

Amogh came and we left. We reached at beach by 6:00pm. Believe me beach is amazing. very clean and very less people around.
You can literally feel as king and own private beach.


Three Biker buddies:
We changed quickly and went into water, to have fun.


Amogh ad Varun know to swim. It’s only me who don’t know swimming. I was busy shooting for the vlog. And they were enjoying the swim.with in 41 mins it was dark. We cleaned our self and sat to have dinner.


In mean time found this little species which I don’t know what it is actually, But he was alive for sure:

Same day there was a marriage as well, Marriage was arranged on the beach:

Beach Marriage:


We sat for almost hrs and had our dinner. The beach was super cool at night. Music around was superb. The wave sound like a music to ears.

We left by 9:30 pm form the beach. We weren’t feeling like leaving the beach. But we had to leave as we had to leave tomorrow for our homes. We reached back to den by 11:00pm and went to sleep. This sleep wasn’t normal at all. I was struggling to sleep. On Day had an icecream late night which caused me sore throat.

Tonsil sort of.Top of that Varun changed the pillow, he gave me the super hard pillow which was like a stone and I don’t have the habbit of sleeping over a hard pillow. I was turning side but wasn’t sleeping.

Day 4

We woke up late as usual. copied the pics from each other’s mobile and action cameras. It was already 10:00 on when we planned to left.

Video for Day 3rd and 4th are here:

We were taking the same route by what we had come. We also heard about the dimise of a harley rider while he was going to All India Harley meet in Goa. The accident had happened at Amboli ghat.

We quickly reached at the start of Amboli ghat and stopped there to get Varun’s action cam ready. But there was a beautiful madir small mandir. There I saw an aged man asking for money from me. Hear the conversation in the video above. It was fun.

Actually he didn’t wanted us to keep money in donation box. But keep it over beside the box. Varun purposely dropped it in donation box due to which old man got angry as well.. lol..
Here is the pic of old man who is very comedy to talk.

Amboli ghat is amazing and the vehicles plying on it are also very dangerously driven.

I would request you all to be safe and ride safe. we have family waiting at home for us.

My tonsil was still bad and sleep was in my eyes, as I was not able to sleep last night. We rode to Amboli and did some cornering(see it in video).


Amboli looks to beautiful that one can’t resist it’s beauty. In monsoon it’s more beautiful and each one should visit Amboli Ghat in monsoon.


Bikes and ghat awesome combination


Tips to ride in Summer:

  • Drink more and more water
  • Be fully covered
  • Eat watermelon or Mashmelon on the way
  • always have ample sleep

By the time we reached Nipani, my tonsil was more worst. I was looking for hot water.

We stopped again at Kolhapur McD to have our lunch.

Returning ride are always boring and tiring. I was getting super bore and tired.
Now Varun was at racing mode and was using his R3 optimum use. I was at my own pace and enjoying the ride. Varun was waiting for me at one point. We waited there for an hour to rest.

I lie down beside road to get rest. My tonsil and tiring ride was making me ache.

PicsArt_04-27-11.45.56 1

Best way to relax:



And continued to ride ay back home. Next stop Lonavala…

The adraline in the blood starts to dilute as soon as days pass and return leg of journey starts…….

Reached home by 11:00pm and straight went to sleep.

Mumbai to Murudeshwar Bike ride ends here

The End……

Next ride coming soon…….

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