Kalavantin Durg Trek : Jai Shivaji !! Jai Bhavani !!

Kalavantin Durg …… Sounds amazing but more amazing thing is a guy like me weighing 90kgs tries to attempt it.


Few days back I had met my an old days friend. She is now a days a traveller and trekker. And she said “Lets go to Kalavantin Durg”. I was ready without thinking that I might be busy that weekend, 3rd June 2017 was decided as trek day to Kalavantin Durg. Initially we planned only two of us would go. But later no started to increase, she started to pitch in all her sisters.

I was fine with that untill I just remember 3 days before the trek date that 3rd June 2017 is my daughter’s birthday. No way I can go. By the time now 3 ladies were dependent on me to go to Trek. I told my friend that I won’t be able to come. She with very cunning looks said, OK. She went to her village post that.

But I was keen to do it. I rescheduled the date to 10th June 2017. I had been to Kalavantin Durg in July 2011. But din’t go to the peak.

D Day 10th June 2017

By the time one of my friend Varun decided to join me to the trek. So the time to meet was 7 am at Kalyan phata Gmap Point. I left by 6:30am and met Varun at the point. We both instantly left from the spot to Kalavanti Fort. As usual we put the point name in the google map and started following the directions blindly. We forgot that fucking google is not Indian.

Google took us to other side of Mountain. Now it was not possible to climb from this side. I spoke to villagers how to go to the other side of the mountain?? Luckily it just 10kms round drive. We reached the actual parking spot of the Kalavanti Durg by 10:00am.


I parked my Alto at the base parking. I wasn’t lucky to bypass without a parking charges. An old lady from no where and with speed of wonder woman came in front of me and raise her hand.

Old Lady : “Pannas Rupaye”.
Me: “Kay k liye?”
Old Lady: “Parking che paise”
Me: “Aaji Pannas khup jast aahe”
Old Lady: “Majhi jaga aahe”
Me: “Kay aaji detona”

Atlast I have to give her ₹50 for parking. Now the climb started. But this climb was a less degree of slope. Even there was some college group & trekker group had come.
They had awesome chicks in their group. I was getting the energy to climb by seeing them walking in front. There were no rains at all while we trekked to the top. And I was like “Good, My cam is safe and video is ON”.

There was no road at all, it was total uneven route, but very beautiful…

Tea Point (1st waiting point)


After walking for some good 1hr we reached Tea point. This point had a vertical stone standing and people climb it feeling it as “Everest Moment”. Even i wanted that “Everest Moment”, i too climbed that rock and flag my achievement.

Tea Point

Took a rest of 30min and then left for the 2nd point i.e base village.

Don’t know why people come from cities and litter, throwing plastic bottles and beer bottle in the jungle was very common. I would request all to please do not spoil the nature.

On the way to base village while climbing the stairs there is a Lord Hanumam and Lord Ganesh sculpture carved in staircase wall.

There was a cute bell as well like all temples. It took only 15 min from the Tea point to base village.

Kalavanti foot Village

As soon as we reached the base village the view was very different. The scenery were serene. You can feel the peace and calmness around you. You are now very far from the city chaos, noise pollution, worries. Only greenery and gazing. You can feel the wind passing by you, a cold feeling touch of the wind and you are in your own inception world.

That moment you feel to stay here for all time and leave the hectic life of cities. No more honking and polluted air to inhale. “This is nirvana”. When you are done with the thirst of scenery then in back of you there is the mighty “Kalavanti Durg” covered with clouds. In between the passing clouds you can see the pride aka second tallest peak in Maharashtra “Kalavanti” Peak.

Few idiots are screaming as well, don’t know why they are not kicked from this base village itself.

This base village the base ground for all the trekkers to unite with others or their left out group mates. Actually it’s a very small village with close to 30-40 houses and population of 100-200 people.

Children here daily travel 7kms down wards to hill coming to bottom village for studies. We call ourself as developing countries ?? These children still have to walk “FUCKING” 7kms for their pre-primary schooling. There is a local house who arranges food & stay for all the trekkers. You get “VEG” & “NON- VEG” both option food here. Additionally they have beautiful tents as well.

I rested for 1 hr and left for the real trek to Kalavanti Peak. Kalavanti was behind to this village. One has to go through the bushes to reach to the mid point climbing point of the Kalavanti.

Path from the village it self. Actually the walking direction is well marked from the village, so one can easily walk to the Kalavanti Fort. Just don’t miss the turns else you will walk off on PRABALGAD FORT way.
Both the fort path are almost similar. You will need some 45min from village to the mid climb spot. And then the actual dangerous trek starts.

I would suggest to trek Kalavanti in winters instead of monsoons. Because the risk of slipping and any mishaps can be avoid to great extend.

The path from mid spot to Kalavanti Fort is steps which are carved on the walls of the mountain. And these steps are very old from their actual days and they are bit soften as well. You can say as smooth steps which are more dangerous to climb.

The climb is steep almost perpendicular to climb. You have to be very aware of this climb, because there are no railings for safety. If you slip then most probably you will go straight down. As I was accompanied with one of my friend he was enjoying the trek.

Once you are the top then to reach the peak point of Kalavanti you have to climb the straight perpendicular stones which are huge in size and very tall at the same moment.

You would need a proper ropes to climb or need some help for sure.
Luckily on my day there was a trekking group as well. Who were trekking to Kalavanti Fort. Their instructor had a rope and already tied to the stone for climbing of his group mates.

He helped me and my friend as well to climb the stone.

At last I and my friend were standing at the peak. Yes KALAVANTI PEAK !! I clicked few pics and saw the beauty of the nature.

There was a fool you was smoking at Kalavanti Peak. Suddenly two guys started scolding that guy not to pollute the nature. They both had some quarrel, but that guy who was smoking threw the cigarette and started enjoying the peak.

PRABALGAD is straight in front of KALAVANTI fort. Prabalgad is also very big and amazing. It’s also know best for it’s view.


After sitting for 1 hr at the top we started to descend the peak. Now it becomes more difficult to walk down. Because initially you got the support of your hands walking straight to peak. But now you have to walk down the steep slope with less support due to your vision is not clear as it was earlier due to walking in opp site direction to your face.

It took 1 hr for us to get down and we were at the base village again by 3:30pm. Now it was the time for us to eat some home made food which the village people give at nominal price of Rs 100 Veg & Rs 150 Non Veg unlimited. Menu was Bakri (Rotis made of rice), Rice, Chicken, Dal, Pickle.

Food was very delicious! You can also buy packed water bottles from them. They have an additonal service i.e Rented Car. You can rent a car from them as well.

You can also do a pre booking for food or stay on mobile as well.

I was done with eating food by 4:15pm and left for home by 4:30pm. We started to walk down to bottom village where we had parked are car. And you get autos as well from this point to nearest railways station i.e PANVEL.

A great trek came to an end with sweet memories to cherish. This is one of the best trekking place with stay and food option. One must visit this place and enjoy the beauty of nature.

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